Who And What We Is

Let us introduce ourserves:


Who are we?

Wise guys, heretics, jokers?

Could be; may we also be satirists, cynics, or satyrs? Or escaped printer’s devils come to torment the people, or a clown angel posse from the heavenly circus?

Actually, we are Libertarians and other like minded cranks, crackpots, and generally suspicious sorts. And we want to subvert minds, particularly YOURS; you just qualified in a special test; You cared enough to click. PSYOPS is funny that way.

We strongly favor free speech, asking unauthorized questions, ridiculing pompous authority, and thinking for oneself- and questioning answers from authority and their approved of experts, as well as in consequence of your own hair brained notions. And ours, of course.

We like to lend (rent actually) our skills and services to others with something to say. We don’t care what your religion is (unless it employs torture or sacrificing something alive) or your politics (unless it involves lying or stealing or protection racketeering). And we’re color blind, because racism sucks.

If you’re still with me, give us a call: 727-215-6135.

PS: we print for you, not but we do NOT WRITE for you. It's YOUR message, using OUR paper, press, and ink, for YOUR money.