Vote for NOBODY!

Tired of ALL THE:

lies, EMPTY promises, failure to perform, blaim fixing, shameful acts, incompetence, AND fiscal insanity?

If so, then why not use some bumper snickers

(ha, ha) to persuade voters to

Vote for NOBODY!

Nobody SPEAKS truth, NOT B.S.!

Send them a message: VOTE for NOBODY! Bumper stickers are everywhere, and they get noticed!

$5 gets you a big package of 20 different waterproof sun resistant bumper stickers. Put them EVERYWHERE! Have fun with it!

The people are disgruntled;

let's get them HOWLING MAD!

And give them a snicker with a bumper sticker- and just MAYBE plant the idea-seed of forcing things to change for the better? It's cheaper than air time, and more fun, fer sure.

You can pay by these cards:




American Express:

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