Our Policies

  1. The $ is due and is paid when you order using a cc/dc/prepaid card. Mail order is SO 19th century.

  2. ALL taxes applicable are included in the sale price AUTOMAGICALLY, thanks to automation.

  3. Custom orders are welcome; contact us for an estimate. In general, there are 3 bumper snickers to a page. Costs are 60 cents per page plus shipping; we ship them sheared into bumper snickers. ALWAYS assume a large print to be visible from OVER a car length behind the bumper bearing the message.

  4. Any color is permitted for ink, as long as it is black; other colors tend to fade quickly under the influence of sunlight. (Rule applies to bumper snickers only, not booklets.)

  5. We're a web business; we do not offer a walk in address or counter service.

  6. We ship using U.S.P.S. First class, or Parcel Post on large orders. Shipping is included in the price anywhere in the USA.

  7. We print pumper stickers. That's it, no lawn signs until we buy a big special printer. Small booklets are possible within limits; ask!

  8. We are openly supporting small and micro businesses, and The Libertarian And Constitution Parties. We love freedom, businesses, and privacy; we hate scams and government strangling business with regulations.

  9. We do NOT print for authoritarian or dictatorial parties (Hey, do THEY help US? You KNOW they don't.), but we do print for other businesses or for families, or churches.

  10. Illegal messages shall NOT be printed; money shall be refunded. That's suicide for us.

  11. We are not racist or religious bigots; these are an excuse to cheat, steal, and/or exploit. We will not accept commissions to print any such message.

  12. We hold your information in trust, and will not make it to anyone for any purpose other than to our card processor, and only to the extent necessary to complete the transaction; or because we have been served by a court and are compelled to do so at gunpoint.

  13. We hope you vote Libertarian, but there are some decent folks in ALL parties, including those we disagree with. Peace.