We are the print press aspect of Impossible Engineering, specializing in psyops campaigns using dead tree mode communications, such as Bumper SNICKERS, Paperback books and saddle stapled booklets. We do this with amusing entertaining things to read and snicker at; these have long term but not obvious consequences. THAT is called a 'thought bomb'.

At this trying time in our nation's history, we are tossing election thought-bombs; later we will amuse the masses in other ways.

You are probably looking for our 'nobody for president' department; is so, CLICK THE LINK 'Vote4Nobody' in the list above. If you want something printed, try the contact us department.

NOTE, the only bombs we toss are IDEAS; we are pacifists. We also give away snacks or sandwiches now and then, our infallible government permitting in it's immaculate wisdom.